The BPG sponsors three scholarly awards:

The Samuel H. Beer Prize, awarded for the Best Ph.D. Dissertation on British Politics by a North American scholar. The prize is named in honor of Samuel Beer, a longstanding member of BPG and eminent scholar of politics. Professor Beer died in 2009; among his published obituaries were those of the New York Times, The Economist, and The Times.

The Stokes Dissertation Fellowship, awarded to help finance doctoral research.

The James B. Christoph Prize , awarded for the Best Paper on British Politics by a junior faculty member. Below are details of the awards made:

Beer Prize Winners

1978: Donley Studlar, Indiana University
1979: Ken Wald, Washington University
1980: Edmund Aunger, University of California, Irvine
1981: Beth Fuchs, University of North Carolina
1982: Warren Fishbein, MIT
1983: Peter Hall, Harvard University
1983: Gary Cox, California Institute of Technology
1984: Karen Bernstein, Stanford University
1985: Not awarded
1986: Aaron Friedberg, Harvard University
1987: Robin Gaster, University of California, Berkeley
1988: Not awarded
1989: Holli Semetko, LSE
1990: Michael Jogerst, Indiana University
1991: Not awarded
1992: Not awarded
1993: Susan Scarrow, Yale University
1994: Matthew Burbank, University of North Carolina
1995: Cynthia Irvin, Duke University
1995: Nikolaos Zahariadis, University of Georgia
1996: William H Field, Brandeis University
1997: Karl Ho, University of North Texas
1997: Jeffrey Pickering, Indiana University
1998: Jamie Bronstein, Stanford University
1999: Not awarded
2000: Theodore R. Bromund, Yale University
2001: Terrence Casey, George Washington University
2002: Not awarded
2003: Richard Haesly, University of North Carolina
2003: Janet Laible, Yale University
2004: Bonnie Meguid, Harvard University
2005: Not awarded
2006: Not awarded
2007: Not awarded
2008: Nadav Gabay, University of California
2009: Davarshee Gupta, Cornell University
2010: Matthias Matthijs, Johns Hopkins University-SAIS
2011: Not awarded
2012: Caitlyn Milazzo, University of California, Davis
2013: Not awarded.
2014: Pending

Stokes Prize Winners

1998: Terrence Casey, George Washington University
1999: Patricia Nordeen, Yale University
2000: Sydney Van Atta, Cornell University
2001: Alistair Howard, George Washington University
2002: Claire Kramer, Duke University
2003: Adam Howard, University of Florida
2004: Kelli Moore, University of Florida
2005: Stuart Tendler, University of Texas
2006: Ophelia Eglene, SUNY-Albany
2007: Evangelos Liaras, MIT
2008: E. Eren Tatari, Indiana University
2009: Melissa Willard-Foster, UCLA
2010: Susanne Schorpp, University of South Carolina
2011: Florence So, UCLA
2012: Jason Hecht, Cornell University
2013: Jonathan Blake, Columbia University
2014: Chitralekha Basu, University of Rochester
2016: Mary Nugent, Rutgers University

Christoph Prize Winners

Best Graduate Student Conference Paper
2001: Bonnie Meguid, Harvard University
2002: Not awarded
2003: Sydney Van Atta, Cornell University
2004: Amos Zehavi, MIT
2016: Judi Atkins, University of Coventry

Best Junior Faculty Conference Papers
2005: Timothy Hellwig, University of Houston
2006: Not awarded
2007: Jane Green, University of California (Visiting) /University of Manchester
2008: Not awarded
2009: Not awarded
2010: Bonnie Meguid, University of Rochester
2011: Not awarded
2012: Sara Wallace Goodman, Georgetown University
2013: Not awarded
2014: Peter Munce, University of Hull