APSA 2016 Panel: 

Our panel, entitled "Controls, Cues, and Incentives: State - Society Relations in U.K. Politics," will be held on Saturday, September 3, 10:00am to 11.30am, Location: Marriott Room 414. Paper abstracts are available on the APSA conference website

Panel Title: Controls, Cues, and Incentives: State - Society Relations in U.K. Politics
Panel Chair: Susan Scarrow, University of Houston

Paper 1: Public Opinion on Same-Sex Marriage and Abortion in Northern Ireland
Authors: Jonathan Tonge, University of Liverpool and Jim McAuley,
University of Huddersfield
Discussant: Karen Beckwith, Case Western Reserve University

Paper 2: The Evolution of District-Level Campaigning in Britain
Authors: Justin T. Fisher, Brunel University, David John Cutts,
University of Bath, Edward A. Fieldhouse, University of Manchester, and
Bettina Rottweiler, Brunel University
Discussant: Tim Vercellotti, Western New England University

Paper 3: The Palace Politics of NHS Reform: Ministers, Mandarins, and Managers
Authors: Scott L. Greer, University of Michigan and Holly Jarman,
University of Michigan
Discussant: Terry J. Royed, University of Alabama

We are co-sponsoring an additional roundtable, "Breaking News Panel: Taking Stock of the Brexit Shock" on Thursday, September 1, 2:00 to 3:30pm, Location: PCC, 201-C

Roundtable Title: "Taking Stock of the Brexit Shock"
Roundtable Chair: Susan Scarrow, University of Houston

Roundtable Presenters:
Justin T. Fisher, Brunel University
Liesbet Hooghe, UNC - Chapel Hill
R. Daniel Kelemen, Rutgers University
Gary Marks, UNC - Chapel Hill and VU Amsterdam
Kathleen R. McNamara, Georgetown University

Call for Proposals: APSA 2015

For the 2015 APSA meeting, the BPG welcomes paper and complete panel proposals on any topic related to British politics.  Proposals can  either treat the UK exclusively or look at the country in comparative perspective.  As always, a variety of methodological and conceptual perspectives is welcome. The deadline for submissions is December 15, 2014. Please note: proposals must be submitted through the APSA  website, which is

Questions should be directed to the BPG Program Organizer for the 2015 meeting, Jerold Waltman, at but again, all  proposals must be submitted through the APSA site; please do not  e-mail them to Jerold. According to the APSA website, proposal abstracts for panels and individual papers are limited to 5000  characters. Additional information about panels (including presenter  names and affiliations, emails, and all paper titles) can be uploaded separately.

Please note that all presenters at the 2015 meeting must be current BPG members; non-members are welcome to submit proposals and will be asked to join the BPG if their proposals are accepted.

British Politics Group Panels at the APSA Conference, 2014
The panels can be viewed here

Britain and America in Critical Perspective: Austerity, Uncertainty and Decline?
Wednesday 27 August 2014
This was a one-day APSA Short Course.

Below are a selection of downloadable papers from the conference:

Eddie Ashbee, The Right, Civic Neoliberalism and Processes of Intercurrence  

Mark Bevir, Joined Up Security: A Genealogy.

David Coates, 'Giants in Decline': The Shared Political Agenda of the Anglo-American Growth Model.

Andrew Dorman, The Politics of Austerity: Preparing for the 2015 Strategic Defence Review.

Christine Harlen, The American Exception in Citizenship-Based Taxation and the Communitarian Varient of American Exceptionalism.

Simon Lee, 'Re-balancing' Our Understanding of Austerity and Relative Decline: The Developmental State and Developmental Market Traditions in the United Kingdom and United States.

Rebecca Howard, Balancing Power: The Consequences of the United Kingdom's Actions in the Middle East within Europe and America  

Guy Lodge, Citizens Excluded: The Rise of Political Inequality in the UK and Why it Matters

Tim L. Oliver, London and the EU: The Pro-European, International Capital City of a Eurosceptic State? 

Amani El Sehrawey, The Transatlantic Relationship, the European Union, and British Politics: Negotiating a British Foreign Policy

Fragmented Democracy, Politics, Policy and Governance in a Divided Age
Wednesday 28 August 2013
This was a one-day pre-APSA conference meeting.

Please note that APSA 2012 was cancelled

The UK and US in 2010: Transition and Transformation
This was the theme of the APSA panels at the APSA conference in 2010.
Some of the papers from this conference because part of a Palgrave edited collection, edited by Terrence Casey 'Legacy of the Crash'. 

Britain after Blair: The Legacy and the Future
Held in conjunction with the 2007 APSA meeting in Chicago. The papers from that conference became part of a Palgrave edited collection, edited by Terrence Casey 'The Blair Legacy: Politics, Policy, Governance and Foreign Affairs'.